Friday, May 6, 2011

Revising & Restarting

It's been a crazy time for me, that weird no-man's land between major projects. I'm still revising Tail Lights, and have just found some new beta-readers which is awesome! I'm so excited to hear what they say. I've also had some very encouraging feedback on my opening chapters from a contest I won. All in all, I'm feeling pretty positive about this book. I'm hoping to have it ready enough to send out to a contest in Australia, deadline June 3rd. Arg! That's soon!

But I haven't started working seriously on anything else.

I've just finished a second chapter of my re-write of an old book. So far I'm quite happy with it, but I'm not feeling on fire about the project. Maybe because this will be the third or fourth time I've written this book. Also, my new book idea (tentatively called The Boyfriend Plague) is beginning to nag at me. I've written a lot of notes, and even found my MC's name (Livvy Quinn), but there are whole swathes of story and detail I don't know yet. I was going to wait until NaNo to write this, but I'm not sure Livvy's going to leave me alone that long. It's going to be quite a different book for me. It's about friendship and first love, and while there is a complex sibling relationship going on in there (it wouldn't be one of my books without that), it's not the central plot line.

So, do I keep going with my rewrite of Holding it Together, or dive right into this new story? Or go a completely different route and get onto that rewrite of my western/romance novel I've been putting off?

How do you decide which project to go with?


  1. That's a tough question - I went through something similar a few weeks back, and am still fluxuating a little, but in the end I have to go to whichever one is yelling the loudest.

    Which is only a problem when that changes every week :-P

    Good luck with whichever you pick up. I'm anxious to dig into Taillights ^_^

  2. Good question, Kate. I struggle to finish things, so at the moment I'm focusing on finishing revisions on a WIP, even though there's a story I want to write more. I tried doing them both for a while but it didn't go well.

    At the end of the day I know the other story will still be waiting for me when I finish this one, and I really want to have something finished, so that's how I decided.

    Good luck choosing!

  3. I'm struggling with that same question right now. I went and got notebooks for each of the stories doing battle in my head, so I'm currently toting around four notebooks with me wherever I go. I'm also editing the current WIP, but the only writing I'm doing is short stories. When I settle down to writing this week, it will be whatever gives the most vivid siren song.