Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not so hard...

I've been agonizing for weeks about how to rewrite the chapters I've already written in my new book. I know I need to make the two voices more distinctive, and I know I need to give both characters larger concerns, outside of the event that brings them together. I've been unsure how to do either so I've been putting off doing anything.

Last night I sat down with a brand new document in front of me and rewrote chapter one. And it really wasn't that hard. And even better, I'm actually quite happy with it! Okay, so it's just one chapter, and I'm sure it'll get harder from here on in, but I think having taken the first step is important.

I even posted that first chapter for my critique groups to review, something I've never done before. I tend to write and revise whole books before posting them for review, but this time, I thought I'd try something different and post as I go. Unfortunately I have to work tonight, so won't get the chance to dive into chapter two, but I've made a start. And that's what's important.

How do you approach revising? I find thinking about it is usually worse than actually doing it. Somehow I tend to forget that in between times....


  1. I've done the blank page trick - it's my favorite when I'm staring at a chapter and I know it's wrong and I just can't figure out how to fix it.

    My biggest problem is, I get lazy after a few chapters and start large scale copying and pasting again. Best of luck with your rewrite - I'm sure it will be spectacular!

  2. Well, after you guys have had a chance to kick it around a little, maybe....

  3. I find that brand-new-sheet strategy works for me as well. When I know I need to completely gut a chapter, I have to start a fresh Word doc for some reason. It's like my mind can't let go of the old chapter unless it sees a bright shiny white blank page. Which I know is totally weird, since blank pages usually scare the bejeezus out of people. Congrats on your start. Now onward to chapter 2! :)